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You Should Not See Nora Fatehi Without Makeup

A video of Nora Fatehi is going viral on social media. A different style of the actress is being seen in this video. This video is quite old and many people are shocked to see an actress like this.

You Will Be Surprised To See The Look

Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi often steals the hearts of people with her looks and style. But seeing what Nora used to look like in the olden times, you will not believe her transformation. A video of Nora is going viral on social media, in which she is seen dancing in Bigg Boss house. This video of the actress is six years old.

Nora's Account Was Hacked

Recently, Nora Fatehi's Instagram account was hacked. All her posts were deleted from's account. During this, the fans of Nora Fatehi become very upset. A few hours later, Nora informed the fan about this and told them that now her Instagram account is safe. Nora was last seen in the song Manike Mage Hithe from the film Thank Good.

Nora Fatehi's Dance Video Is Years Old

Nora Fatehi has made a special place in the film industry due to her dancing skills. On the strength of her talent, Nora Fatehi has made a special in the hearts of people in a short time and all the producers are now desperate to put her songs in their films. His dance clips keep going viral on social media. Now an old video of her has surfaced in which she is seen doing belly dance. Let us tell you that this video is from Bigg Boss 9.

People Praising Nora

After watching this viral video of Nora Fatehi, people are giving many types of reactions. Some people were unable to recognize Nora Fatehi. So at the same time, some people are also asking when Nora came in Bigg Boss? Also, people are not tired of praising her beautiful belly dance. A user has commented,' Oh my god, this is not recognized at all.'Another user wrote,' Nora has always been a wonderful dancer and it is clearly visible in this video.

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