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Why Anuska Sharma Getting Trolled Will Make A Comeback With Jhulan Goswami Biopic

Anuska Sharma is being trolled for her look. Many people believe that Anuska Sharma is not looking like Jhulan Goswami from any angle. Form height, skin colour, Bengali accent to looks, nothing matches Jhulan Goswami. Not one but many people believe that Anuska Sharma does not look like former cricketer Jhulan Goswami.

Anuska Returns After

Fans of Bollywood actress Anuska Sharma were waiting for her comeback for a long time. On Thursday, the actress announced her new project, giving a rest to the fans. Anuska Sharma will be seen playing the role of former Indian caption Jhulan Goswami in the movie Chaked Express. The first glimpse of the film has been shared. In which Anuska Sharma was seen holding a bat in the field. Fans were happy to see Anuska Sharma in the role of a cricketer in Chakea Express. But the trollers also became active.

Anuska Sharma Will Be Seen In Jhulan Goswami's Biopic

Anuska Sharma has appeared in any film since 2018. He was last seen in Shahrukh Khan's film Zero. It was discussed for a long time that she will be seen in Jhulan Goswami's biopic. He was also seen with Jhulan on the ground. Then the film got put on hold due to her pregnancy it was not doing the film but Tripti Dimri had replaced her. It was being told that Anuska will only produce the movie.

Why Is This Film Important For Anuska?

Anuska Sharma shared a long and wide post making a comeback after 3 years. He explained why 'Chakda Express' is an important film for him. Anuska Sharma said that this is a story of sacrifice. Jhulan Goswami's life inspires everyone. 'Chakda Express' will showcase the passion and struggle of the former women''s cricket captain.

Who Is Jhulan Goswami

Jhulan Goswami is a big name in the Indian cricket world. She has been the former captain of the Indian women's cricket team and is known as Indian's fastest bowler. Now Jhulan has taken retirement but she has left behind all the records in such a way that breaking it will be a difficult task for players all over the world. Why is Anuska Sharma getting trolled will make a comeback with Jhulan Goswami's biopic.

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