When mistaken for Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds reacted in a typically Ryan Reynolds manner.

Ryan Reynolds claimed, "I've never corrected them; they think I'm Ben Affleck."

In New Delhi: Whether it's being confused for another Hollywood actor or a misplaced Christmas gift, Ryan Reynolds handles situations in his manner. We are discussing Ben Affleck. Ryan Reynolds claimed on a recent episode of Dear Hank and John that a New York pizzeria regularly mistakes him for Ben Affleck, and he has never corrected them. So now they are aware. During the podcast, Ryan said, "I've been going to a pizza restaurant in New York's East Village for years. They mistake me for Ben Affleck, and I've never told them otherwise. If I revealed, I believe it would not be warmly received."

Ryan Reynolds stated that when he goes to the pizzeria, he is frequently questioned about Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are presently dating. In 2002, the co-stars of Gigli got engaged. But two years later, it ended in a divorce. On JLo's birthday this year, the celebrity couple made their romance on the Instagram public. Additionally, they frequently appeared on the red carpet together. The celebrities appeared in numerous photos together.

Returning to the subject of JLo, Ryan clarified that he simply follows orders. Like everyone else, "I do everything normally," Reynolds continued. When asked how Jennifer Lopez is, Ryan Reynolds replied, "Great, good. I order the pizza and off I go. They simply assume I'm Ben Affleck."

In Red Notice, Ryan Reynolds appeared with Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson. This year, he also appeared in Free Guy. The Proposal, Deadpool, Buried, Selfless, Six Underground, and The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, to mention a few, all-star Ryan Reynolds.

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