Vidyut Jammwal remembers Shah Rukh Khan's kind gesture from when he was modelling.

Updated: Jul 17

Vidyut Jammwal remembered how, during his ramp walk, he astonished Shah Rukh Khan by performing a backflip. Shah Rukh Khan made a gesture after that, which he also shared.

Before making his acting debut in 2011, Vidyut Jammwal spent several years working as a model. He is currently gearing up for the release of his next movie, Khuda Haafiz 2. In a recent interview, Vidyut recounted a time when Shah Rukh Khan said something sweet to him that he still recalls. Read More: Vidyut Jammwal scales a scaffolding from a balcony to take a photo with a builder

Vidyut unexpectedly dropped by an event for Adivi Sesh's movie Major at the same location as the Khuda Haafiz 2 trailer presentation last month. At the time, Vidyut said he didn't know Adivi and just wanted to offer his congratulations. When asked if any other actors had shown him similar courtesy, Vidyut recounted how Shah Rukh Khan had come to congratulate him after being astonished by a backflip he had executed during his ramp walk.

The performer said to Siddharth Kannan: "I once performed a back flip on the ramp back when I was modeling. Fortunately, Shah Rukh sir was present. Our models awaited the end of the fashion show in the lobby. Additionally, there is a posh vehicle with silver sunglasses. I was facing the models in front of me while turning my back on the car."

He also remembered, "The vehicle halted. While the females were cheering, I realized it was Shah Rukh sir but lacked the courage to turn around. The window then closes, and he remarks, "Vidyut, you were good."

Chapter 2 of Khuda Haafiz The second chapter of Vidyut's 2020 movie Khuda Haafiz is titled Agni Pariksha. The movie, which Faruk Kabir both wrote and directed, will debut in theatres on Friday, July 8. Along with Asrar Khan and Danish Hussain, it also features Shivaleeka Oberoi. IB 71 and Sher Singh Raana are more upcoming films for Vidyut.

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