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VIDEO Ban Stokes Clean Bowled Yet Not out The The One Who Saw Him Beat his Forehead

Ashes 2021: The Fourth Test is being played between Australia and England in Sydney. On the third day of this match, this happened on the ground that everyone was surprised to see, England definitely benefited from this incident. Otherwise in this test also.

Ben Stokes clean bowled, still not out

The ball should hit this wicket at full speed and the batsman should not be out. This is rarely seen in cricket. But something similar happened on the third day of the fourth test between Australia and England in Sydney. The batsman with whom this happened, only beat his head. But the rest of the players were also surprised to see this charisma with their own eyes. This incident happened with England allrounder Ben Stokes and he also took full advantage of it. Now let us tell you in detail how this surprising whole incident happened in the field.

A shocking incident happened

The England team was batting on the third day of the Sydney Test. Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow were at the crease after lunch. Cameron Green in the 31st over of England's first innings. English all-rounder Stokes was on strike, Green bowled the first ball of the over and it was on that astonishing incident that happened. Actually, it happened that Stokes did not play a shot on that ball coming inwards. The ball hit the off-stump and went behind the wicket. But neither the umpire nor the Australia fielders understood this.

The Kangaroo team made a strong appeal for the catch-out. Umpire Paul Rifle also raised is the finger. Only Stokes knew the reality. That's why he immediately asked for a review. The reality that came out in the video surprised everyone.

Stokes gets life

TV replays clearly showed that Green's ball did not hit Stokes's bat but hit off-stump directly. The interesting thing is that the ball hit the wicket at such a speed but the bails did not fall. The umpire also changed his decision after watching the video and Stokes got a big life. Stokes himself was also surprised by this and he beat his forehead, At the time when this incident happened, Stokes was playing on 16 runs. Later he completed his half-century. This is Stokes' first fifty in the current Ashes series.

Warne and Gilchrist also surprised

Shane Warne, doing commentary on Fox Sport, was also stunned by this and he said, ''I have never seen anything like this before. The umpire gave out. Really strange thing. Paul Rifle himself has been a bowler and he himself saw the ball hit the stump and still gave it out. This is one of the most bizarre things I've seen. The ball hit the stumps and the bails did not move. Excuse me, I'm shocked so far. I still can't believe what I've seen."

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