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US President Joe Biden Furious On The Question Of Inflation

US president Joe Biden flared up on the question related to inflation. While replying, he also said abusive words for the journalist of Fox News.

US president Joe Biden furious on the question of inflation

US president Joe Biden was found using abusive language against a puck journalist on a live microphone on Monday. Now, this video is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In fact, on the sidelines of the White House photo session yesterday, president Joe Biden called the Fox News journalist the Son of Bitch on a live microphone. Although he used the microphone being installed.

Pool reported handling the camera says

When a Fox News reports asked the president after the photo op whether rising inflation was a political obligation? At the same time after answering this question, Biden probably forgot that the microphone was still on and he softly said using abusive words towards the journalist, Son of Bitch. Although the pool reporter, who was handling the camera at that time says that due to a lot of noise in the hall, he could not hear it at that time but he headed it later.

Users trolled fiercely

At the same time, the video of Biden's hate speech towards the journalist is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Many users are giving their feedback on this. A user said in a funny way that the president has the courage to speak what we often say behind people's backs. At the same time, another user criticized the language of the president and said that such abusive language does not suit the president of the country.

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