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Urfi Javed User Made Fun Of him While Falling Down

Fans keep making fun of Urfi Javed his clothes, that now Urfi has made fun of himself in front of the fans by sharing another video. Watch the video and give Urfi's answer.

Urfi Fell During Photoshoot

Urfi who got trolled for her clothes has again given people another chance to make fun of themselves. Urfi has shared a video on her Instagram, in which Urfi is seen falling during a photoshoot with makeup in hand. Due to this Urfi has again come under the target of trolls.

Urfi Stumbles In The Process of Flaunting Her Hair

In the shared video, Urfi looks up to flaunt her hair and stumbles during the photo shoot, the cameraman taking the picture also starts laughing out loud at Urfi. While sharing the video, Urfi has also written that what any idea is called to the survivors of fillings. So It's knowing what are the answers given by people to Urfi.

Fans Called Urfi An Alcoholic

Like every time, people have made fun of Urfi and told him what the person who falls is called, some said drunken, some said Taiji will fall comfortably, then some have described this video of Urfi as overacting. At the same time, another user advised Urfi and said that stopping intoxication, falling will stop automatically. Seeing Urfi falling down, many people have told him to be lucky.

Urfi Did Make Any Difference To People's Laughter

Earlier, Urfi used to be no less troll that now she has given a chance to people to laugh by sharing this video. Although Urfi does not make much difference to people's laughter, during a live video, Urfi had told that no matter to him. Urfi keeps sharing her many videos and photos with fans without any hesitation.

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