Ukrainian supplies by a Japanese industrial giant have resumed.

Updated: Jul 23

Komatsu also states that it will keep operating in Russia.

The Nikkei newspaper on Sunday cited Komatsu's president Hiroyuki Ogawa as saying that the business had resumed delivery to Ukraine, which had been suspended following the start of Russia's military incursion.

"The mining sector for iron ore and other natural resources is growing in Ukraine. After the conflict with Russia began, the mines' machinery was still in operation, and we resumed supplying distributors with parts, he told the newspaper.

Deliveries have resumed to parts of Ukraine that the business believes are secure from the fighting, mostly the western provinces, he said. Deliveries to eastern Ukraine are halted since violence is still going on there.

Ogawa further mentioned that although the business has not resumed sales to Russia, it still plans to work there, providing equipment maintenance and part replacement through distributors.

He said, "We have an obligation to our customers and as an employer. Komatsu has no plans to abandon the Russian market.

Early in March, Komatsu halted equipment exports to Russia, attributing the move to supply chain interruptions brought on by the conflict in Ukraine and "the unpredictability of the financial and economic situation." A month later, the business shut down production at its factory in Yaroslavl, Russia, which makes hydraulic excavators and dump trucks.

Over the past three months, a large number of foreign businesses have stopped shipping to Russia due to the war in Ukraine endangering logistics and the disruption of trade with Moscow brought on by sanctions, notably those imposed on Russia by Japan. Caterpillar, a US competitor of Komatsu, had previously declared a suspension of activities in Russia, but new media reports suggest that it is still using the nation as a supply-chain route.

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