Ukraine will stop exporting coal and gas.

Updated: Jul 17

President Zelensky claims that the country will require the fuels during the "most severe winter."

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated on Tuesday that Ukraine will not be exporting gas and coal to foreign nations. Due to the ongoing armed battle with Russia, he issued a dire warning that this winter will be the "most challenging" for the state since it gained independence 30 years ago.

Zelensky did not indicate the start date of the embargo.

In a message shared on his Telegram channel, Zelensky stated, "It's OK, we have to go through it so that our people can feel that the state is running regularly. "At this moment, we won't be exporting our coal and gas. All domestic production would be focused on meeting the needs of our people, he continued.

Zelensky asked that the government take all necessary measures to guarantee that the cost of gas and electricity for consumers does not change during the forthcoming heating season. The production of coal in Ukraine's state-owned mines has plummeted by nearly a third since the end of February, according to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal on Tuesday.

Ukraine produces coal, natural gas, and oil, according to the International Energy Agency, but because local energy production cannot keep up with demand, the nation must import fossil fuels to fill a 35 percent energy shortfall.

With over 90% of the nation's fossil fuels being coal, Ukraine was rated sixth in the world for hard coal reserves in 2019. Despite this, the IEA observes that Ukraine has been more dependent on imports lately, with 70% of imported coal coming from Russia.

According to the IEA, a large portion of the natural gas that Ukraine buys comes from Russia and is transported into Ukraine via reverse flows from nations in central and eastern Europe. The passage of Russian gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine is crucial.

According to data from Trading Economics, the majority of the coal, fuel, and petroleum products exported by Ukraine are shipped to Turkey, China, and other former Soviet Republics.

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