Twinkle Khanna posts a photo of a man selling copies of her books that were pirated and describes it

Updated: Jul 18

On Wednesday, Twinkle Khanna posted a photo of a man who was peddling her books in pirated form. She referred to it as one of her "happiest moments."

Twinkle Khanna, an actor-turned-author right, posted a photo of a man selling pirated versions of her books on Wednesday. When posting the image to her Instagram account, Twinkle remarked that a writer might be referred to as a "bonafide bestseller" when their books begin to sell illegally at traffic signals.

Wednesday, the right way," Twinkle captioned the photo. How can you tell if a book is successful? You might examine sales data, Amazon rankings, customer feedback, and honors. But when pirated copies of your books are offered for sale at stoplights, that's when you know you've got a genuine bestseller on your hands. One of my happiest times was this. Which have you already read?

The pirated editions of Twinkle's books Mrs. Funnybones, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, and Pyjamas Are Forgiving may be seen being held by a man in the image she uploaded.

One follower commented in response to Twinkle's article, "I have read all of them and I bought it from the traffic light itself." Another person said, "Your best piece is Pyjamas Are Forgiving. It's too excellent.

After a few years, Twinkle, who made her acting debut in Barsaat in 1995, gave up acting; her last movie was Love Ke Liya Kuch Bhi Karega in 2001. She frequently expresses regret about her time spent acting in movies. With Mrs. Funnybones, Twinkle made her writing debut in 2015. She then followed it up with the fiction book Pyjamas Are Forgiving and the anthology of short stories The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad, both of which were published in 2017. Over 100,000 copies of Pyjamas Are Forgiving was sold, debuting at number one on Nielsen Bookscan's All-India Bestseller list.

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