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Trishakar Madhu created panic With Private Video Got Married

Trisha Kar Madhu viral photos Bhojpuri actress Trishakar Madhu came into the limelight overnight after her private video went viral. Due to the MMS video, he had to face trolls on social media. In such a situation, now some of her photos have surfaced on social media, in which she is seen applying vermilion in demand. See.

The actress was seen wearing vermilion in demand

Actually, Trishakar Madhu is shooting for the film 'Namak Haraam' with Ashi Tiwari these days. The auspicious time of this movie was kept in the past. In which the actress was seen wearing vermilion in demand.

Some photos of Trishakar Madhu have also come out from this Muhurta. In which he can be clearly seen applying vermilion in demand. When asked about this matter, why is she wearing vermilion on demand, and has she got married secretly?

Role-playing of the married woman

Trishakar also answered these questions with impunity. He said that there is nothing like that. When I get married, everyone will know. I will not do this work secretly. As of now, I have no idea about ​​marriage. This is just the getup of my character in my film 'Namak Haraam (Trishakar Madhu Bhojpuri film Namak Haraam). In this, I am playing the role of a married woman.

After MMS went viral, Trishakar Madhu is working on many projects back to back. Before this, he shot many music videos. She has now become a well- known face in the industry.

Making Headlines With Pictures

Actress Trishakar Madhu, who came into the limelight overnight after the private video leaked in Bhojpuri cinema, is in the news for some reason or the other. Recently, she has started shooting for her upcoming film 'Namak Haraam' and is making headlines for the pictures shared from its sets. Now some of their wedding photos have surfaced. With which she has become once again in the headlines.

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