Toy giant suffers from a shipping crunch

Updated: Jul 16

Due to a scarcity of supplies, Lego stores in Russia are compelled to cease operations.

Due to a shortage of materials, several authorized

Lego stores in Russia have ceased operations, according to Inventive Retail Group, which oversees the stores there.

The response from the firm indicated that "the functioning of some of our stores is temporarily suspended owing to the absence of delivery of Lego to Russia."

Contrary to several other companies that departed the country in the last three months in response to Russia's military intervention in Ukraine, Lego has not formally ceased operations in the nation.

However, the toy manufacturer reportedly stopped all product supplies to Russian retailers in early March, according to a representative for Lego, "in light of [Ukraine-related anti-Russia] sanctions and the unpredictable circumstances."

With 81 locations nationwide, one of Lego's biggest sales markets is Russia. While some stores are still open, the prices have increased.

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