Tiger Shroff displays his scarred and bruised back following difficult stunts for Baaghi 3

Tiger Shroff previously suffered an injury while filming an intensive scene for his movie Baaghi 3 beneath a large tank. His back ended up being scratched and marked.

One of the fittest performers in Bollywood's current age is actor Tiger Shroff. On Monday, he recalled moments from his action movie Baaghi 3 and explained how a scenario that required him to film beneath a tank resulted in scrapes and burns. He uploaded a clip showing his "favourite" shot. (Also read: Tiger Shroff beats up goons with a knife stuck in his back in Screw Dheela trailer.)

As part of a combat scene in the movie, Tiger is shown aggressively sliding under a large tank at the beginning of the clip. The video also shows a peek of his scratched and discoloured back. Tiger captioned the photo, saying, "This split under the tank was one of my fav pictures that I've done, other than the scratches, burns, and claustrophobic feeling beneath that enormous tank."

Tiger appeared in Baaghi 3 with Riteish Deshmukh, Shraddha Kapoor, and Ahmed Khan. Tiger played some of his most challenging roles in the movie, and while discussing them, he had previously stated on Twitter that he had first felt nervous about the filming. "During Baaghi 3, I don't think I've ever been as terrified to perform action as I have been. Every morning I used to wake up dreading the difficulties the day would bring, and every night my fantastic crew used to carry me to my room. Without the help of Ahmed Sir and his staff, as well as Sajid Sir's unwavering support and backing, I don't believe we could have developed our sincere effort and vision. I appreciate you sharing your gratitude and warmth for our trailer. It definitely relieves all of our cuts and scrapes.

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