Threatening to sue Russia's gas provider, Ukraine

By asserting that Gazprom is underpaying for gas transmission to Western Europe, Naftogaz seeks to take the company to arbitration.

According to RIA Novosti on Tuesday, quoting the company's chief executive Yury Vitrenko, Ukraine's natural gas operator Naftogaz intends to file an arbitration action against Russia's Gazprom in July over an alleged underpayment for gas transit to the EU.

"Our contract with Gazprom states that before resorting to arbitration, we have 45 days to attempt to settle our differences. This period expires at the end of the month, and if nothing changes and Gazprom does not alter its stance, we will have the opportunity to seek international arbitration, which we will do.

According to Vitrenko, Gazprom is not paying enough for the volumes of gas transit that it has reserved.

Invoking "intervention by the occupying forces," Ukraine on May 11 stopped the flow of Russian natural gas through Sokhranovka, a significant transit location. Before that, despite the hostilities, Russian gas had been continuously flowing via pipes across Ukraine.

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