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Threat To Replace Virat Kohli Team India After Leaving The Captaincy

When will Virat Kohli Score his 71st century? For 2 years this question is the mind of every Indian fan and cricket expert. Virat Kohli could not end the drought of centuries even on the South Africa tour and now that he has left the captaincy, then more eyes will be on him. Harbhajan Singh has said this in gestures only. Harbhajan Singh even believes that now Virat Kohli will focus more on this performance.

Captain left his Post After Seven Years

Harbhajan Singh said, ' when a captain leaves his post after seven years, many people are surprised, I am also very surprised. I had never expected that this decision would be taken so soon. well, Virat Kohli knows what he has to do. When you are the captain, thing are different for you. There will be pressure on Virat Kohli as a batsman now because the captain is not worried about the selection.

'Virat has to Perform to Stay in the Team'

Harbhajan Singh further said, 'As a captain, you are always selected but no matter how big a player you are. Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar. When you don't perform, the issue of selection remains in your mind. Virat Kohli has not had to see all this in the last seven years but now as a batsman, he has to keep this in mind. He has performed well as a captain, the hope is that as a batsman also he will score a mountain of runs.

Kohli Took To The Field Without Captaincy for The First Time Since 2017

let us tell you that for the first time after 2017 Virat Kohli came on the field without captaincy. He also scored two half - centuries in the ODI series against South Africa. But people do not expect less than a century from a player like Kohli. How Virat Kohli plays in the series against West Indies, will be a matter to be seen.

If Virat Kohli is no longer the captain then there will be more pressure on him said, Harbhajan Singh former off-spinner of Team India.

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