This UK home is available for rent for about Rs 60,000, but the bedroom is a nightmare

Updated: Aug 4

In the English county of South Yorkshire, there is a large city called Sheffield. Recently, a studio apartment in the city that was available for rent gained popularity for its affordable pricing.

Only £600 per month is required to rent the studio apartment outside of Sheffield. In Indian rupees, this is roughly equivalent to 60,000.

A fantastic kitchen diner and a private bathroom are features of the studio apartment. However, there is a significant fault in the apartment's interior design. To put it mildly, the studio apartment's sleeping arrangement is not great.

The bed can only be reached by ascending a steep flight of stairs and is located immediately over the stove and kitchen cabinets.

If the person using the bed tried to sit up straight, he or she would probably hit their head on the ceiling and get hurt.

To prevent the person sleeping from falling off the bed, there is a handrail along the side of the mattress, which is worth highlighting.

Oddly, the studio apartment is marketed as being "ideal for an individual or a couple."

In addition, the studio apartment boasts a fireplace, lots of storage space, a mini-dishwasher, and convenient proximity to well-known eateries and bars.

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