These 5 actors have "become worse" with age, according to the internet. The Names May Surprise You

The query in this thread is, "Has anyone else noticed this or can think of any other actors that fit into this category?"

Mostly because of the plot and acting, movies have a special place in our hearts. But we, the audience, frequently forget that the stars are also human amid the all-glitzy portrayal of larger-than-life characters. Sometimes, fans find it difficult to accept their failure. This Reddit discussion about "actors who have gotten worse as they get older" serves as one example. There's no need to draw your swords. It's only a conversation that a user on the social media network has started. Additionally, the guy wrote a lengthy note. It begins, "Usually an actor or actress grows better as they get older and have more experience, but I have seen phenomena where it seems some actors and actresses are improving more quickly than others."

It is unnecessary to introduce the Academy Award-winning actor. Marlon Brando is the "most famous case" in this group, according to the discussion. His physique almost purposefully went to hell, a user commented. It was challenging to work with him. even failed to learn his lines.

The films that Marlon Brando made later in his career have also been mentioned by users. Don Juan Demarco, a 1994 recording, was one "poor performance" that was mentioned on the platform. Don Juan was played by actor Johnny Depp in the movie. The story centers on psychiatrist Dr. Jack Michler, played by Marlon Brando, and his patient Don Juan. Marlon Brando, who was 72 at the time, played Dr. Moreau in the 1996 film The Island of Dr. Moreau.

On him, there were a lot of discussions. I have avoided most of his more recent films, but Cold Pursuit was, in my opinion, refreshing. It was a decent dark comedy movie that I just so happened to see after my dad recommended it.

"Cold Pursuit worked because it was a remake of a Norwegian film by the same director," someone retorted. It draws you in with the promise of a revenge film but instead delivers a dark comedic revenge film, which is welcome.

Liam Neeson has recently appeared in The Ice Road, The Marksman, and Honest Thief, among other films, in addition to Cold Pursuit. He last appeared in the February 2016 film Blacklight.

The 80s loverboy John Cusack is well known for films like Say Anything. But now, it appears as though his charm is fading. Not that we are saying it. On the thread, it is. "John Cusack was by far my favorite actor to watch in the 1980s and 1990s. Now, I consciously steer clear of anything he's been in lately.

Another person who commented on the same post agreed, saying, "Grosse Point Blank and High Fidelity are two peak Cusack movies. I haven't watched any of his recent work, so yeah. In the George Armitage-directed film Grosse Pointe Blank, John Cusack portrays Martin Blank, a hired killer. In High Fidelity, Rob, played by John Cusack, is working to determine why his relationships have failed.

"In the same way, I adore vintage Cusack. I watched Drive Hard, one of his more recent films "read a remark. Drive Hard, which was directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, hit theatres in 2014.

According to admirers, the Academy Award-winning actor "always shines when he's working with a brilliant director."

Al Pacino's casting decisions are justified by the statement that "He's freely stated that he chooses very few good roles these days because he doesn't believe he has anything else to prove and he chooses films mostly to see if he can turn a not great script into a decent movie by his work in it. an issue for himself

One of the queries that caught everyone's attention was, "Does he not care, or is he losing his facility to act?" A user said, "I believe you hit the nail on the head. He is unconcerned. He is a retired man. He has to put in one or two days of labor for each of his straight-to-VOD movies to collect a million dollars. It's a fantastic job to get some more money in his later years.

In the second half of his acting career, Harrison Ford has been in movies like The Call of the Wild, Ender's Game, and Cowboys & Aliens, among others. His next appearance will be in Indiana Jones 5.

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