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The Story Of 1971 Indo-Pak War Will Be Seen In Gadar 2 The Story Of Gadar 2 Will Be Like This

These days Bollywood actor Sunny Deol in the discussion about his new film Gadar 2 Ameesha Patel and Utkarsh Sharma will once again be seen with him in the film. In the last part, Tara Singh (Sunny Deol) went to Pakistan to take his wife Sakina (Amish Patel).

The film Gadar2 is ready to hit the theaters

The shooting of Gadar 2 the sequel to Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel blockbuster film, is underway. the story of the film, which came in the year 2001 was based on the partition of 1947 India- Pakistan. Now the story ofGadar2 has come out, This time the story of Gadar will be in the backdrop of the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971.

Such will be the story of Gadar2

According to the report of pinkvilla, the story of Gadar2 will be seen revolving around the Indo-Pakistan war. Utkarsh Sharma will be seen playing the role of a soldier in the film, to save his life, Sunny Deol will once again enter Pakistan. A source close to the film told the portal, Gadar revolved around the partition of India- Pakistan, the love story of Tara and Sakina was entwined in the story, which was very much liked by the audience. But in Gadar2 the Indo- Pakistan wae of 1971 will be recreated. In this, Tara Singh's son Jeet i.e. Utkarsh Sharma will play the role of an Indian soldier. During this war, When Tara Singh's son becomes alive, he will go to Pakistan to save him.

Photos from the sets of Gadar2 went viral

It is worth noting that a few days ago, many pictures from the film set of Gadar2 were revealed in which Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel were seen. This film is being prepared on a big scale. If seen in a way, it is not easy to serve the second part of Gadar released in the year 2001 to the audience with a new story, but now even after the release of the film, it will be known how successful the director Anil Sharma is in this find.

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