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The Sentence Of The Truck Driver Who Killed 4 People Reduced From 110 Years To 10 Years

The case of an accident involving a truck driver in Colorado, USA, remains very much discussed. Whose sentence has been reduced from 110 years to 10 years?

Truck driver sentence reduced from 110 years to 10 years

Colorado Governor Jared polis has reduced the sentence of Roselle Aguilera-Maderos, a truck driver, from 110 years to 10 years. From the general public to actress Kim Kardashian, there was an appeal to reduce the sentence of Mederos. Actually, Mederos used to work as a truck driver. Four people died in a truck accident. The governor reduced his sentence on Thursday.

Police Wrote In A Letter

You have been sentenced to 110 years imprisonment, which is more than life imprisonment, for a tragic but unintentional act. Of course, you are not innocent, but your sentence is much higher than that of many other prisoners in our criminal justice system who have knowingly, premeditated, or committed violent crimes.' Aguilera-Maderos was sentenced on 13 December. Which was opposed by lakhs of people. Kardashian has thanked the governor for the relief given to the 26- year- old driver.

45 lakh people signed

Meanwhile, a petition was signed by 45 lakh people. In which there was a demand to make the sentence of Maderos to life imprisonment. Due to rising public anger, judicial District Attorney Alexis King agreed to reconsider the sentence. Mederos was driving a semi-truck on April 25, 2019. Then he hit about two dozen vehicles. The collision was so strong that many cars and trucks caught fire. 4 people died in this accident. After which the driver was sentenced to 110 years of imprisonment.

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