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The Person Set The bank On Fire For Not Getting The Loan

A man from Karnataka Haveri district allegedly set the bank on fire after his loan application was rejected by the bank.

The man set the bank on fire for not getting the bank

The bank itself was set on fire for not getting alone. The case is of the Haveri district of Kamataka. This person applied for alone in the bank many times, but after getting repeated rejections, the person got upset, He found this rejection so disgusting that he set the bank on fire. The matter is of this time. the accused was arrested.

Case registered against a person under section 436, 435 for setting fire

The accused has been registered and a case has been registered under sections 436, 477, 435 of the Indian penal Code at Kaginelli police station. According to the police, the accused wanted to take a loan from the bank, for which he had applied in the bank. However, the bank rejected his loan application after the verification of documents.

The accused is being Questioned on the incident

Bank loans are accepted in banks only after proper verification of important documents and some deficiencies in the application of the accused person the bank did not accept his application for a loan and rejected it. After registering a case at the Kaginelli police station, the police is now interrogating the accused person in this case.

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