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The Person Became a Devil by Cutting

Tattoo artist turns himself Devil: A Venezuelan tattoo artist turned his handsome appearance into a demonic one by blowing 30 lakh rupees. Now even calling him a human would not be a waste to anyone.

Spent Money To Spoil Face

By now you must have heard about such people. Who would have got the surgery ( Tattoo artist turns himself Satan ) done by spending lakhs of rupees to enhance his beauty? Although such people also exist in the world. Those who are also spending money to spoil their appearance, One such person from Venezuela has turned himself from a human to devil ( Tattoo artist turns himself, the devil ).

A tattoo artist named Henry Rodriguez changed his real appearance to make himself the Supervillain Red Skull of Marvel Comics. After years of body modification, Henry has made himself so scary that people have forgotten his old appearance.

Appearance Spoiled for 30 Lakh Rupees

According to the Daily Star report, Henry Rodriguez, a tattoo artist by profession, loved the character of a supervillain named Red Skull since childhood. This is the reason why he started making changes in his body for this. 42- year-old Henry has spent 30 lakh rupees on this strange hobby, after which he has got this scary look. Henry says that he likes the attitude and personality of demonic characters, so he decided to change himself.

The Series Started From The Year 2012

Henry, the father of a child, started the decision to spoil himself in the year 2012. He had to go through all the physical and mental tests for this. After 130 hours of surgery, he got a strange look. Henry has his nose and ears cut off, while he also has black ink lying inside his eyes. After getting a transplant done on his forehead, he has got strange bulges made there. He has also got a transplant done on the eyebrows and the tongue has also been cut in two parts. The interesting thing is that Henry is all set to do more experiments on his face right now.

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