The Most Popular Jonas From The Jonas Brothers Roast... It's Priyanka Chopra

The JoBros agreed to participate in the type of mock comedy known as a roast, and Priyanka nailed it in her burn portion.

In New Delhi: Who among Nick, Joe, and Kevin are the most well-liked? was addressed during The Jonas Brothers Family Roast on Netflix. Priyanka Chopra responded to it, and she also has the solution. Let's take a step back and remember that the JoBros agreed to participate in the type of mock comedy known as a roast, and Priyanka—who is currently garnering more attention than anyone—crushed it in her burn segment. Kenan Thompson, the host, introduced her as Priyanka Chopra. After the actress removed both of her last names from her Instagram, breakup rumors have been swirling about Jonas - Priyanka and Nick.

Priyanka was quick to establish herself as the true superstar in the room while subtly making fun of their age difference. Kenan also referred to her as "The more talented, the more popular, the less sulky-looking another half of Nick Jonas." Nick and I have a 10-year age difference, so I have to explain a lot of 90s pop culture allusions to Nick because I'm from India, a nation rich in culture, music, and entertainment. "The Jonas Brothers didn't make it over there," Priyanka remarked. That's okay, though, since we educate one another. We exchange knowledge and skills. He taught me how to utilize TikTok, for instance, and I demonstrated to him what an acting career success looked like.

"Have you seen how frequently the Jonas Brothers publish content online? It's adorable that they are constantly on their phones and Instagram "Priyanka Chopra kept talking. Then comes the biggest cut: "I'll tell you why: they all have fewer followers than I do. Therefore, Priyanka Chopra is probably the most well-known Jonas on Instagram." Mic goes off.

Although there had been gunfire, Priyanka still had ammunition. "Both of us are utterly, utterly enamored with Nick Jonas. We adore Nick Jonas. Our favorite is him. Unless Chris Hemsworth unexpectedly became single, I wouldn't want to marry anybody else "She remarked. Then she truly agitated Nick: "We are the only married couple without children. That's why I'm thrilled to share this news with you—sorry, babe—that Nick and I plan to binge drink tonight and sleep in tomorrow." Replace the ellipsis with a very tense Nick.

Last but not least, Priyanka Chopra concluded by saying "In Nick, my life has changed. I'd never want to be married to, er, babysit anybody else."

The disappearance of Jonas from Priyanka's Instagram looks to have caused quite a stir in the interim. Priyanka made a romantic comment on a workout video uploaded by Nick on Tuesday, while Priyanka's mother Madhu Chopra denied reports of a breakup. "Damn! Just now, when in your arms, "She composed.

The Matrix Resurrections and the television series Citadel are among the projects Priyanka Chopra is currently filming.

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