The Internet's Interest in Oscar Isaac Is Due To Moon Knight, Memes, And More

Oscar Isaac is doing it all, from charming viewers on a talk show to stunning them in the newest Moon Knight episode.

In New Delhi: No one was prepared for the events that unfolded in Moon Knight episode 4—we are not exaggerating. Fans of the Marvel series are perplexed by the most recent episode. I must also mention how Oscar Isaac executed the scenes with the unparalleled panache of a thespian. Therefore, those who are familiar with the series are aware that by the end of episode 3, the major protagonists, Steven Grant, Marc Spector (both of whom are portrayed by Oscar Isaac), and Layla El-Faouly, Marc Spector's wife, who is portrayed by May Calamawy, are left to save the world by themselves. And the most recent episode, The Tomb, devoted 30 minutes to following Marc Spector and Layla as they completed their assignment. Well, here it is. Marc Spector is "fatally" shot in the twist, which adds 10 minutes and raises questions about the events of the previous three episodes.

Marc Spector awakens in a kind of mental facility after being hurt. He can then be seen entering a chamber with a sarcophagus after sprinting along a hallway. From inside, we can hear someone banging. Surprise. Surprise. Steven Grant is present there. In essence, this marks the debut of two Oscar Isaacs in a single frame. And a meme fest resulted from this. There certainly doesn't seem to be a limit to the number of Oscar Isaacs. There is?

A quick-thinking fan correctly predicted that Oscar Isaac's energetic performance had indeed given Twitter a new meme genre. The user who shared the tweet added, "New meme"

Do you recall the popular Spider-Man meme? Some people immediately compared Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight still to the meme.

Oscar Isaac received praise from all angles. Oscar Isaac continues to produce one of the best performances seen in the MCU, and someone summed up the feeling by saying, "I'll never get over how brilliantly he has brought one of my favorite characters to life."

Fans' adoration for the actor isn't solely due to his role in Moon Knight, though. We can only think of one word to characterize Oscar Isaac's appearance in Stephen Colbert's The Late Show recently: wholesome.

In the show, the host is seen asking the actor for assistance in finding new homes for a few rescue dogs. And Oscar Isaac and Stephen Colbert decided to "lie" about the canines to ensure that they are adopted. Consequently, Oscar Isaac is heard saying, "Alma (a cute puppy) is a champion marathon runner who has agreed to attach your Fitbit to her collar. So now you can take all those stairs," and "Goose (another adorable pooch) was one of my Dune co-stars. She portrayed Timmy Chalamet's soft, fluffy hair, which was the most difficult part to play. Are you still exclaiming "aww," because we are.

Twitter supported the "Oscar Isaac and puppies" performance. Look at this:

A user has helpfully discovered pictures of the actor with kitties for all of you cat lovers.

Oscar Isaac is well known for his roles in X-Men: Apocalypse, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Dune, and Scenes From A Marriage in addition to Moon Knight.

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