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Team India Captaincy Why is Dravid Silent Know The Whole Truth

There is a controversy about captaincy in Indian cricket at this time Virat Kohli who was removed from the captaincy ODIs, made many explosions in the press conference. But in the ongoing tussle between the BCCI and the captain, Coach Rahul Dravid has reminded silent till now.

Virat Kohli removed from the ODI captaincy

Indian cricket is standing in the midst of challenges at the time. Team India has reached South Africa in the toughest tour, where to date the Indian team has not won any Test series. But even before the tour started, a whirlwind broke out in Team India. The way Virat Kohli was removed from the captaincy of ODIs. He created a dire situation.

Before leaving for South Africa, Virat Kohli held a press conference, which escalated things even further. but a different thing also happened that coach Rahul Dravid was not with him in this press conference.

Dravid did not Come to PC with Kohli

When any foreign tour, bilateral series, or ICC event starts, it often happens that the team captain, head coach hold a press conference together. Where there are questions and answers on team strategy, tour challenges, and other issues. Although there is no such situation, everyone expected that he would talk to the people.

Before the New Zealand Series

Rahul Dravid had a press conference even before the start of the recently concluded home series against New Zealand. Then, captain, Rohit Sharma was with him. Even after this, after the end of the series, Rahul spoke to the media.

Questions Related to Captaincy and Controversies More Then Challenges

But in the midst of this press conference, the timing was completely different. Because this was the first time that Virat Kohli was holding a press conference after being removed from the when Virat Kohli came to the PC, more than the challenges faced in South Africa, he had Questions related to captaincy and controversy.

Fans Expressed Concern About Dravid

Cricket commenter Harsha Bhogle also spoke on this entire episode and talked about Rahul Dravid being traped in the current situation. Harsha Bhogle tweeted that this controversy should not have reached there. Where rhetoric is taking place between two persons. That too when both are big stars of Indian cricket. But having talks from both sides can help in resolving the dispute. But Rahul Dravid is in a difficult position at the moment and he will be tested in the South Africa tour. Because for victory, he would like his captain and the best batsman to remain in positive mode.

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