Taliban discover the Toyota that used as Mullah Omar's getaway vehicle

According to a government official, the white Toyota Corolla driven by Taliban founder Mullah Omar was buried in a local garden in Afghanistan's Zabul province to prevent it from being misplaced.

Kandahar: The vehicle Mullah Omar, the founder of the Taliban, used to avoid being shot at by US forces following the 9/11 attacks has been unearthed in eastern Afghanistan, where it had been buried for more than 20 years, according to officials.

Abdul Jabbar Omari, a former Taliban official, had the white Toyota Corolla buried in a local garden in Zabul province and had ordered its removal this week.

Rahmatullah Hammad, the director of information and culture for the province of Zabul, told AFP that the object was still in good shape with very little damage to its front.

He explained, "To prevent it from being lost, the mujahideen buried this car in 2001 as a homage to Omar.

Pictures of the automobile being exhumed from its auto cemetery by guys using hand shovels were released by Taliban media representatives.

According to Hammad, the Taliban want the car to be on exhibit in the city's national museum as a "great historical landmark."

Mullah Omar, who brought the hardline Islamist movement to power in 1996 following a deadly civil war, founded the Taliban in Kandahar and enforced a stringent interpretation of Islamic law on the nation.

After it, jihadist organizations, including Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, the masterminds of the September 11 attacks, found refuge in Afghanistan.

The United States and its allies first invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban and install a new government after the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden.

This week, Taliban representatives claimed that Mullah Omar fled from Kandahar in a Toyota Corolla.

Even though authorities kept his death a secret for a while, he passed away in 2013 while hiding.

Washington evacuated the last of its soldiers last year as the Taliban swept the nation, captured Kabul, and retook control after trying for two decades to quell a deadly insurgency.

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