Sunny MR, the composer, discusses how liberating it felt to collaborate with Arijit on "Gaaye Ja."

Independent music producer Sunny MR, who wrote the recently released song "Gaaye Ja" performed by renowned Bollywood playback vocalist Arijit Singh, claims that the entire creative process was freeing for him.

The song "Gaaye Ja," which was written by Shloka Lal and to which Arijit contributed his vocals, was composed by Sunny. Sunny explained the inspiration for the song, saying: "We strive so hard for commercial success that sometimes we forget the power of music, how it can heal. "Gaaye Ja" has no glitz, no fanciful settings, and no fanciful locales, but it connects to everyone.

"The majority of us are visually described by this. It is a song about expressing oneself, loving oneself, and setting oneself apart from the world's strict punctuality. The song advises us to be at peace with ourselves and re-establish our connection to nature. It was incredibly empowering to work together to create the song."

Sunny has vast experience working as a playback singer, sound engineer, music producer, and composer. Along with other musicians, he has worked with Diljit Dosanjh, Amit Trivedi, Akhil Sachdeva, Nakash Aziz, Shalmali, and Nikita Gandhi. For "Badtameez Dil," he also received the Mirchi Music Award.

'Gaaye Ja' is a song that may be heard on all audio streaming services.

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