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Srishty Rode Entered The Pool Wearing A Swimsuit In The Bitter Cold

Srishty Rode, who was a part of the reality show 'Bigg Boss 12' remains in the discussion about her boldness on social media. Now she was seen enjoying the pool wearing a swimsuit in the bitter cold. This photo of him is setting the internet on fire.

Bigg Boss Ex-Contestant Sets Fire to Pool

Srishty Rode often remains in the discussion for some reason or the other. She often keeps on increasing the beats of fans by sharing her pictures on social media. Now such a photo of Srishty Rode has surfaced due to which the internet temperature has increased. Srishti Rode has made fans crazy by showing her bold style.

Fans are Blow Away After Seeing This Picture Of Srishty Rode

Srishty Rode has shared this photo of her on an Instagram account in which her bold style is being seen. In the picture, she is seen wearing a swimsuit and taking a bath in the pool. She has given a very hot pose in front of the camera, covering her wet hair with her hands. Seeing this picture of Srishty Rode, the senses of the fans are blown. Users are given their reactions in the comment section. It is to be known that Srishty, who is considered to be Rubina Dilaik's best friend, took part in 'Bigg Boss12' after which she had said that perhaps she had reached the wrong season.

Seeing The Bold Style, The Senses Of The Fans Were Blown Away

Commenting on Srishty Rode's photo a fan wrote You are one of Good's finest workmanship. Another commented, get out otherwise it will be cold. Somebody commented, water baby and some have called them Gorges. This Photo of Srishty Rode is being fiercely liked and shared.

Broke The Engagement After Seven Days

Bigg Boss 12 contestant Srishty Rode Broke her engagement with Manish Nagdev Just seven days after coming out of the Bigg Boss house. Both of them never spoke openly on this but Manish shared a note on social media after 6 months, in which he expressed his heartache. Manish has written all the things openly in this note. Manish has accused Srishty of breaking up with her over the phone and using her for professional gains.

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