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So Far Omicron Spread In 11 States Of India Total Number Of Infected Total Number Of Patients 113

The number of new variant Omicron of corona in the country is increasing continuously. So far more than 113 cases of Omicron have been reported from 11 states of the country.

The Omicron variant is spreading around the world at a very rapid rate

According to the World Health Organization, this variant has spread to 77 countries so far. the speed of this variant of the corona is higher than any other strain. A record 88376 cases of coronavirus have been found in Britain on Thursday. At the same time, cases of Omicron have been reported in 36 states in America. In India too, its cases are increasing every day. With Omicron getting 10 patients in Delhi today, this figure has reached 97. In view of the fast pace of Omicron, it has become very important to know its symptoms so that the infection can be prevented from spreading in time.

During the second wave of Corona in India, the figure of corona had reached so much

During the second wave of corona in India, the cases reached over 4 you look at the case from the perspective of India, about 13 lakh cases are coming every day. The head of the kovid task force said that Europe is going through a very serious situation. so we also have to be ready. Preparations have to be made to deal with every situation.

Omicron cases found in these states

40 patients have been found in Maharashtra, 22 in Delhi, 17 in Rajasthan, 8 in Karnataka, 7 in Kerala, 5 in Gujarat, 2 in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, and Chandigarh 1-1.

The most common symptom of Omicron

Omicron's Most Common Characteristic Scientists around the world are trying to understand the behavior of omicron. The data so far shows that this variant of the coronavirus is more contagious but less severe than the previous variant so far. Its symptoms are also mild compared to the symptoms of corona so far. However, there is one common symptom in all the patients Omicron has found so far and that is a sore throat.

Omicron expands faster than Delta variant

Quoting WHO, the Health Ministry feared that the spread of the Omicron variant would be faster than the delta variant, along with community transmission of the infection.

Instructions for not being careless in vaccination

French prime minister jean Cadtex said eligibility for a booster dose would be reduced from five months to four from the date of the second vaccination. the government will announce new measures to tackle non- vaccination from next year, he said. In January, the government will intensify the awareness campaign about vaccination. Some people are negligent in taking the vaccine, due to which the life of the whole country can be in danger.

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