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Singer Chris Brown Accused Of Raping woman by giving drugs

Hollywood singer and songwriter has been accused of repe by a woman. The victim has filed a rape case against singer Chris Brown in California. The victim woman claims that Singer first drugged her and then raped her in a yacht in Florida of Mughal Diddy.

The drug was mixed in the drink

Victim woman Jane Doe alleges that singer Chris Brown called the woman thereafter reaching Miami on December 30, 2020. He then gave her something to drink, after which she began to feel unsteady, then Brown took her to a bedroom, where Brown raped her despite protests. The victim is seeking $20 million in damages from the R&B star.

The police was not informed about the incident

The victim attorneys attorneys, Ariel Mitchell, and George wreck told TMZ that their client did not report the incident to police because she was embarrassed.

Victim demand, get justice

Jane Doe has sought justice for herself in this complaint. He has expressed the hope that this case can serve as an example to others, who may have been a victim of such antics of Chris Brown in the past. the woman alleges that Brown contacted her the next day requested her to take plan B to avoid any possible pregnancy.

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