Shah Rukh Khan describes Deepika Padukone's appearance in the Pathaan advertisement as having "guns

Updated: Jul 26

Deepika Padukone's Pathaan motion poster, which also features an injury and a pistol, was released after Shah Rukh Khan's.

The Pathaan motion poster for Deepika Padukone's solo performance shows her taking a shot. Shah Rukh Khan plays the male lead in the movie, and John Abraham plays the bad guy. It is scheduled to open in theatres on January 25 of next year, around Republic Day. Also read: Fans claim that Shah Rukh Khan did a better job with his Pathaan poster than Idris Elba did with his Beast poster.

John Abraham published the image on Twitter along with the message, "Stop. Stare. Shoot! Presenting @deepikapadukone in #Pathaan Motion poster link On January 25, 2023, watch #Pathaan with #YRF50 only at a theatre near you. Released in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Guns and grace galore, Shah Rukh remarked in a post sharing the image. All of these and more is @deepikapadukone!

A close-up of a bullet being fired from a pistol serves as the film's opening image. Deepika is shown holding the gun and bleeding from a wound on her forehead as the camera pans away. She has black painted nails and is wearing a black vest and leggings.

A follower referred to the motion poster as "strange" in the comments after Deepika posted it to her Instagram feed. One more responded, "Omggggg." Added another, "Excitement level 100."

Pathaan, which is directed by Siddharth Anand of the War fame, is supported by Yash Raj Films and will be shown in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu theatres.

To commemorate the conclusion of his 30 years in the industry, Shah Rukh launched his first motion poster from Pathaan last month.

In addition, Shah Rukh praised the filmmaker and his crew for making him "appear like a superb action hero." Things's a little late at age 56 when I'm trying to make it work while being masculine and solid, he remarked. However, I believe Siddharth and the entire action crew have put in a lot of effort, so hopefully I'll come off as a competent action hero.

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