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Sanjeeda Sheikh Showed Ravishing Style After Divorce

TV actress Sanjeeda Sheikh is in the news for her personal life. The glamorous photo of the actress has rocked social media.

After separating from husband Aamir Ali, Sanjeeda Shaikh showed this sizzling avatar

There are some celebrity couples in the entertainment industry who made a special place in the hearts of fans with their love. He not only taught people to love with his love but also gave people a purpose to be happy. At the same time, when these couples decided to separate after living together for years, everyone's heart was broken. The pairing of Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh is also something like this. It is very difficult for the fans to believe that their favourite couple is no longer together. Let us know how Aamir- Sanjeeda's life has gone after divorce.

Parted amir - sanjeeda

Both Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh are popular stars of TV, whom people have always given a lot of love. After understanding each other for many years, both got married in 2012 who knew that the couple who were always seen laughing and smiling. they will be separated one day. There were reports of their separation many times before, but neither of them ever said anything from the front.

Actress Sanjeeda Sheikh photoshoot in ravishing style

Once again sanjeeda has started posting photos in her captivating style. Recently, in the post shared by the actress, she is seen wearing a mini skirt and bralette. looking at the hair, It seems that she wants to give a new style to her hair and is busy preparing for the same. The TV actress looks very stunning in this photo as soon as Sanjeeda Sheikh shared her picture on Instagram, fans have showered comments. Fans are losing their hearts seeing the beauty of Sanjeeda. Sanjeeda Tee has a great fan following on Instagram. 4.4 million people follow Sanjeeda on Instagram.

What did Aamir- Sanjadi say on divorce?

According to the reports of E- Times, after the divorce, Sanjeeda Sheikh has kept her daughter with her. Apart from this, he refused to speak anything on his and Aamir relationship. Sanjeeda says that at the moment her focus is on how to make her daughter feel proud with her work, Sanjeeda hopes that she will also do this work soon.

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