Ryan Gosling tells NDTV that Dhanush is "incredible" about working with him on The Gray Man

Ryan Gosling remarked, "I can't wait to work with him on another movie."

Mumbai: Ryan Gosling, who stars in the upcoming action movie The Gray Man directed by the Russo Brothers, is completely taken aback by Dhanush, who makes his international acting debut and plays a crucial role in the movie. Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Rege-Jean Page, Jessica Henwick, and Wagner Moura are featured in The Gray Man as well. Ryan told NDTV that Dhanush is "amazing" and that he "can't wait" to collaborate with him again on a movie. In the movie The Gray Man, Ryan Gosling plays a CIA agent who becomes a target after learning agency secrets, and Dhanush plays an assassin who is pitted against him.

"Dhanush is amazing. He's just... I mean, I simply liked working with him. There wasn't enough time for me to get to know him. I'm eager to collaborate with him again on a movie. Just such a disciplined man. He was perfect all the time. The choreography was extremely precise in every way. Additionally, he has a hilarious sense of humor that is just delightful to be around. You know, it was a pleasure working with him, and I hope to work with him again "NDTV was told by Ryan Gosling.

The biggest Hollywood stars have collaborated with Anthony and Joe Russo, directors of well-liked movies including Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. "Ryan Gosling jokingly remarked, "The Russos are a lot of fun to work with, you know, they order a lot of nice food to the set. I would just advise the actors in the future that if an action sequence is coming up, maybe don't sample the pizza or the burgers that they've ordered. Doing action scenes with a burger tummy is a task unto itself."

"The Russo family works well together. And they truly let each actor give their character their unique voice. Everyone's suggestions are encouraged on this highly interesting set "Added Ryan Gosling.

The action movie's actors frequently switch between large cities, and Ryan loved visiting some of the most stunning places on earth "We stayed in Long Beach for a long period. When we were ready to move, we went to Prague and also spent time in France, where we had the opportunity to film in some truly spectacular settings "says he.

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