Russians are duped by an Indian group using a bogus cricket competition.

Updated: Jul 19

Indian police have detained the group responsible for the cricket scam.

The Indian Police have detained conmen for defrauding Russian gamblers via a phony Indian Premier League cricket league.

The scammers rented a farmer's field in Gujarat, India, and set up cameras to record the fake games there.

A top police official in the Mehsana district of northwest India, Achal Tyagi, reports that four guys have been detained in connection with the intricate fake.

To officiate the game, walkie-talkie umpires were used, the same as in the IPL and international cricket matches, according to Tyagi.

The setup was effective enough to deceive gullible individuals into thinking it was a legitimate cricket league.

Tyagi claimed that the umpires offered players instructions via the walkie-talkie systems the organizers provided over whether to score runs or concede their wicket.

An accomplice from Russia also gave commands to the scam's perpetrators via the messaging service Telegram.

According to local sources, unemployed people and laborers were hired to play the part of players while wearing official IPL uniforms and were paid about 400 rupees ($5) each.

The games, which featured teams with fictitious names, were then broadcast live on YouTube to gambling establishments in Russia, where nothing suspicious was noticed.

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