Russian gas shortage explained by the turbine manufacturer

Only one of the five Nord Stream 1 turbines, according to Siemens Energy, is in operation.

According to Siemens Energy, the maker of turbines, the compressor station at the beginning of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline between Germany and Russia is badly lacking in operational equipment.

According to Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch on Wednesday, just one turbine is currently in use at the facility, although five turbines are required for the natural gas pipeline to pump at full capacity.

Bruch's remarks follow the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to a Siemens Energy facility in northwest Germany, where the company is storing a turbine that was intended to be sent back to Russia after being repaired in Canada.

With the backing of the German government, returning this turbine to Russia is in our best interests, according to Bruch.

Recently, due to a delay in the first Siemens turbine's return and the stoppage of a second one that needs to be overhauled, the flow of gas to the EU via Nord Stream 1 was cut to about one-fifth of its previous capacity.

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