Rude Travel by Vir Sanghvi: With love from Italy

Updated: Jul 18

It might be the most beautiful nation on earth, with breathtaking scenery, stunning architecture, and, of course, delicious food.

The pizzas were what got me. As you undoubtedly already know, despite being originated in Italy, pizza gained notoriety in America. Then, Italy hurriedly made an effort to catch up; after all, Italians living in Italy surely had it in them to outperform their American counterparts.

Yes and no, I suppose. Because, unlike what we might believe, not all Italian households regularly eat pizza. The best pizzas are still prepared in Naples, which is in the South, where they first became popular as regional food. American fast-food pizza has nothing on a Naples pizza. They are big and have moist patches in the center with elevated, blistered edges. They only spend a brief period in a very hot oven, therefore it is excellent to eat them right away.

Another type of pizza, the so-called Roman pizza, is thinner and has a more consistent texture; it resembles what the rest of the world considers to be pizza. However, until recently, it was difficult to find any kind of excellent pizza in northern Italy. I don't know, I didn't enjoy searching for nice dosas in Ludhiana (or good kulchas in Trivandrum). And outside of the South, Roman pizza seems to be the most popular.

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