Results of the June 26 AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door: June 26 Winners and Highlights

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The AEW fans were treated to a fantastic episode of high-octane action on Sunday's Forbidden Door special edition. CM Punk had to leave the AEW due to a foot ailment, so the organization needed an interim champion. This matter was addressed on Sunday at the Forbidden Door during the interim AEW Championship main event between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jon Moxley. The program had a lengthy and fantastic match schedule that featured the greatest of New Japan Pro Wrestling competing against the biggest performers from AEW. In a fatal four-way match, the first-ever AEW Atlantic Champion was decided.

Aaron Solo and QT Marshall competed against Hiroki Goto and Yoshi-Hashi in the opening match of the buy-in. This was a fast-moving competition that occasionally felt surprising. After some back-and-forth fighting, Goto and Yoshi-Hashi defeated Solo and Marshall to give the program its first victory.

Nick Comoroto and Lance Archer faced off in the next bout. This provided us with two powerhouses competing against one another and kept The Factory in the ring for two consecutive matches. Despite having little time to work, the two managed to pack a lot of action into their bout. It was a quick yet intriguing match, and Archer was able to win with his Blackout finisher.

The third buy-in match of the episode pitted Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee against Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado. In the opening half of the game, Swerve and Lee concentrated more on defense and had their backs to the wall. However, as the game went on, they gained courage and began striking back at Kanemaru and Desperado. With some spectacular double-moves in the frantic last minutes of play, Lee and Swerve were able to secure the victory.

An intense eight-man tag team match was part of the final Buy-in contest. The eight wrestlers, who appeared to be scattered all over the place, ringed the ring. Caster and Billy were able to rally and prevail after a series of chaotic brawls by using their finisher technique, the "Mic Drop."

Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, and Minoru Suzuki squared off against Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta, and Shota Umino to open the main event of the evening. This competition quickly descended into a fierce brawl once the bell rang. Although hectic, this competition was entertaining. Conti hit Umino with a bat during the middle of the game, but it didn't appear to slow him down. Suzuki had to headbutt Guevara several times before he would let loose a Boston crab on Jericho. When everything was said and done, Jericho employed The Judas Effect to win. With the victory, Dynamite, Jericho's team, would have a significant advantage in the Blood and Guts battle on Wednesday.

FTR, Roppongi Vice, and United Empire were squaring off for the ROH and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships in the long-awaited triple threat tag team battle.

Jeff Cobb and Great-O-Khan had to initially observe from the sidelines as Dax Harwood and Trent Berreta served as the legal team. A slight shift in the match's plot was brought on by an injury. Romero was the recipient of an elbow drop from Harwood in one of the opening positions. As he was carried away, he dropped to his shoulder and rolled out of the ring. When he came back to fight a few minutes later, his shoulder had been wrapped. Despite a potential injury, he kept working hard the entire game. FTR was able to prevail and capture their third set of tag championships after a grueling match.

Black and Pac and Miro and Connors were partnered up to fight each other as the match began, but those pairings did not survive long. They ultimately switched opponents and even collaborated to neutralize a danger. Loud applause greeted Connors' use of a Spear to send Miro through a table. Before Pac brought him out, the crowd briefly screamed his name. After hitting Black with a powerful 450, Pac locked Connors with the Brutalizer to take the victory.

The Young Bucks and El Phantasmo engaged Sting, Darby Allin, and Shingo Takagi in trios match with only their honor on the line. As the Bullet Club exited the stage, Sting attacked them with a powerful drive. Hikuleo attempted to speak up for The Bullet Club, but the referee was preoccupied at the time. The Stinger quickly made a full recovery and entered the fight. By pinning Connors, Takagi was able to give his team the victory.

Storm and Thunder, Toni Before locking up for the AEW women's title, Rosa exchanged handshakes as a sign of sportsmanship. Early in the bout, these two competitors made sure to test each other's abilities in a series of frantic exchanges. Unexpectedly, Rosa won the championship back with one of Dustin Rhodes' fabled spinning suplexes. To secure a renowned victory, she pinned Storm.

Since Ospreay is equally swift on his feet as OC, they were able to have a beautiful exchange of takedowns while Cassidy kept his hands in his pockets. OC began by avoiding a dropkick and landing a shoulder tackle. Ospreay and Cassidy exchanged takedowns while Cassidy kept his hands in his pockets. OC started by evading a dropkick and landing a shoulder tackle.

Except for the first few seconds, Cassidy put in a lot of effort. Cassidy had numerous chances to end the contest as it went on, but Ospreay eventually overcame him to win the IWGP US championship.

Bryan Danielson promised a worthy replacement to take on Zack Sabre Jr. when he disclosed at the Forbidden Door that he was unable to compete. Claudio Castagnoli was the ideal replacement for this fight.

The former Cesaro charged at Sabre and instantly delivered a massive uppercut and a Neutralizer, but he was unsuccessful in defeating him. It took time for ZSJ to recover and start making a comeback. After a fantastic sequence, Castagnoli sealed the deal with a powerbomb to make a triumphant AEW debut.

The following match saw Jay White defending the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship against Adam Cole, Kazuchika Okada, and Adam Page. The Adams joined forces and engaged in combat outside the ring as Okada concentrated on White. After killing Cole, Hangman and Okada double-teamed White. At the ringside, the two BC pals tried to come up with a strategy, but they were ambushed because they took too long.

When it became clear that they would have to engage in combat, White and Cole broke off their alliance. Then, all four men attempted their finishing moves after a series of near-falls. White eventually succeeded in pinning Cole to win the IWGP World Title.

The contest to crown an interim AEW World Champion featured AEW's Jon Moxley and NJPW's Hiroshi Tanahashi as the main event of the evening.

When they started exchanging strikes, it was clear that Moxley had a slight edge in the brawl. Every time they went back to the mat to wrestle, Tanahashi tried to take the upper hand. Moxley had a serious head injury during the game, and his forehead was gushing blood. This caused numerous sizable blood spots to appear at the ringside.

Moxley eventually used the Paradigm Shift to defeat Tanahashi and capture the interim AEW World championship after surviving several close calls.

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