Results, Winners, and Highlights for WWE NXT on June 28: Vinci defeats Ikemen Jiro despite Bron Brea

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WWE NXT 2.0's most recent show, which promised to lay the foundation for the NXT Great American Bash, was packed with fast-paced action. A mouthwatering match-card for the episode included some of the eagerly anticipated fights from earlier episodes.

The lone match for the evening that had been previously publicized was between Cameron Grimes and Bron Breaker. As the episode went on, Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez sought to topple Mandy Rose's Toxic Attraction, but first, they had to defeat Katana Chance and Kayden Carter, the longest-running tag team in NXT.

While Giovanni Vinci planned to use Ikemen Jiro to showcase the effectiveness of his technique, Xyon Quinn would face Sanga. Indi Hartwell would like to continue to catch up to Kiana James.

Here are all the outcomes and highlights from an intense WWE NXT episode:

Four outstanding women competed against one another to become the top contender for the NXT Tag Team Championship in an incredible beginning for the program. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter initially seemed to be in control of the bout, but Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez remained steadfast. Jade shielded Perez from an elevated 450 splash, which allowed her to hit a nasty Pop Rox and pin Jade to win.

Four outstanding women competed against one another to become the top contender for the NXT Tag Team Championship in an incredible beginning for the program. Giovanni Vinci destroyed Katana ChancIkemen Jiro in their one-on-one match in NXT, thus he had little chance against him when the contest began. Jiro attempted to make some early moves, but Vinci knocked him to the ground and very much controlled the entire battle. Jiro was the recipient of a springboard tornado from Vinci following a suplex and some very brutal chops. After striking Jiro with a vicious powerbomb, he went on to win.

Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez resisted giving up even when it seemed like Kayden Carter and e had the upper hand. Perez was shielded from a high-450 splash.

The NXT UK Tag Team Championships that Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs recently won were carried by them as they left the arena. Because they disgraced the championship crowns, Pretty Deadly ruined their celebration by calling them "American garbage." This led to a brawl, which the champions won by standing their ground and ejecting the former champions from the ring.

When the two competed against one another on Tuesday night, Indi Hartwell prevailed. James was forced to the ropes by huge kicks and punches from Hartwell, who dominated the majority of the fight. But at the wrong time, she missed a diving elbow at a vital part of the game. James was able to stack her up as a result, and she was able to get her feet on the ropes and secure the victory with a three count.

Joe Gacy and the Dyad faced off against Diamond Mine in an exciting encounter. The Dyad eventually separated Brutus Creed after a tiresome exchange of blows. Finally, Julius Creed was given the go-ahead to assume command. Dyad triumphed with a raised impact DDT after Strong forced the blind tag and quarreled with his Creed Brothers. The Creed Brothers and Strong quarreled after the battle. Strong challenged Brutus and Julius to a match against him and Damon Kemp the following week.

Sanga was about to enter when Xyon Quinn attacked him on the ramp. The fight started shortly after the two entered the ring. Sanga took control of the fight and began tossing Quinn around the arena with ease. Quinn attempted a headlock as a counterattack, but the stronger wrestler broke it and shoved Quinn into a corner. Sanga then finished off his victory with a devastating chokeslam and a quick pinfall.

In a fierce match, Mandy Rose faced up against Nikkita Lyons. Dolin's constant interruptions at ringside gave Rose an advantage in the beginning. Before a huge splash, Lyons gained control and threw Rose into the turnbuckles. To stop Lyons from winning easily, Dolin and Jayne dragged Rose outside the ring. While Roxanne and Cora entered to balance the playing field, Dolin and Jayne attacked Lyons in the ring. Toxic Attraction was ejected from the ring by Jade, Perez, and Lyons. As a result of Rose's disqualification, Lyons prevailed.

Following closely behind were Bron Breaker and Cameron Grimes, who accused the victor of taking shortcuts. While Breaker was stronger and faster than his opponent, Grimes cautioned him that he lacked the heart and knowledge necessary to become a champion. Breaker responded in kind. The NXT champion was attacked by Grimes after a heated argument, and he smashed him into the turnbuckle while breaking the top rope with Breakker's shoulder.

As the officials and medical professionals hurried to help the champion, Breaker appeared to have hurt his shoulder. Grimes warned the champion before the program ended that he might not be able to defeat him at his best, but that he wouldn't be at his best the following week for the Great American Bash.

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