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Rapist Amirzade Gets Death Sentence

The girl's fault was so much that she had refused to marry the man, after which he killed the diplomat's daughter with a sharp weapon. He has been.

Amizade gets death sentence

US citizen Zahir Zafar brutally raped a young woman at home in Islamabad and severed her throat with a sharp weapon.

Judge Atta Rabbani while hearing the matter said

The main accused in this case is sentenced to death. At the same time, in this case, both the guards have Zafar Zahir's parents who have got a clean chit in this matter.

Women activists protested a lot in Pakistan regarding this case.

The matter was related to a big family in Pakistan. In such a situation, people had created pressure regarding the trial as well. According to the Asma Jehangir Legal Aid Cell, which works for women's rights, the conviction rate in the case of violence against women in Pakistan is just 3 percent.

Rapist family is very rich

In this case, it has come to the fore that the Zafar family is counted among the rich families of Pakistan. His ancestors established Ahmed Zafar & Company in the year 1849. His father Zakir is the director of the company. On the other hand, Zafar's mother is a housewife. Obviously one can appeal against the sentence in this case.

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