PSG Midfielder Idrissa Gueye Hailed as a 'Hero' in Senegal for Boycotting Rainbow Flag

Idrissa Gueye of PSG was "regarded as a hero" in Senegal, according to Sadio Mane's new advisor Bacary Cisse, when he allegedly refused to wear the rainbow flag last month.

Gueye did not play in PSG's Ligue 1 encounter against Montpellier despite traveling with the squad. The Senegal international didn't even enter the game as a substitute, despite PSG winning 4-0.

Gueye "had to leave the team sheet for personal reasons," PSG head coach Mauricio Pochettino said after the game, but he clarified that his absence was not caused by an injury.

The LGBTQ+ community's rainbow flag is a symbol, and the French media outlet RMC Sport made a big claim that Gueye's absence was due to a boycott of the rainbow flag. In all Ligue 1 games over the weekend PSG had to play Montpellier had to display the rainbow flag on the players' jersey numbers and leaders' armbands in observance of the "World Day Against Homophobia."

The midfielder hadn't missed a game without a clear explanation before. Gueye missed a game in 2020 for the same "personal reasons" on a day meant to increase awareness about prejudice.

Cisse told the RMC Sport and Goal that the entire thing was merely a miscommunication.

We shouldn't overlook the fact that Gueye was born in Senegal. He was raised and educated there. Although we (Senegalese) admire everything that other people do, we don't adopt their way of life, Cisse stated.

"Today, Gueye has the full support of all Africans and Senegalese. We must avoid stigmatizing the boy in this situation. He can't defend this action. Of course, he was viewed as a hero in Senegal. Gueye is a hero to us. What would we have said if Gueye had acted differently? He continued, "We would have been much more astonished.

The ethics committee of the French football federation reportedly ordered that Gueye explain his absence from the match.

This absence (from the game versus Montpellier) is usually viewed as an unwillingness to take part. There are only two possibilities: either the rumors are untrue and we ask you to speak up right now to put an end to them, or the rumors are accurate. In this situation, we kindly urge that you consider the consequences of your conduct and the extremely grave error made. Gueye received a letter from the board of the FFF Ethics.

The PSG midfielder has not issued an official statement on the situation, and Marca reports an internal resolution will now take place.

Cheikhou Kouyate, a player for Crystal Palace, recently created controversy after complimenting his countryman and referring to him as "a wonderful man" on Instagram with the message, "We back you, brother." The Senegalese international later removed the post. traveling

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