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Pop Star Madonna Posted Pictures On Social Media

American Popstar Madonna, who ruled the hearts of millions, has set the internet on fire. He has posted some of his hot photos on his social media account, seeing which the fans have been blown away. Comments are constantly coming on these pictures of Madonna.

Madonna Has Already Done Hot Photoshoot

American pop singer Madonna may have turned 63, but people's passion for her has not diminished. Recently, he has set social media on fire by posting some of these bold photos. Fans are repeatedly watching and commenting on his pictures.

100,000 Likes In on Time

According to the report of 'Daily Star', pop star Madonna has got a photoshoot done, in which she has given many bold posses. He has shared some of those pictures on his social media account. There were 100,000 likes in a short time after posting the photo on Instagram. In one photo, Madonna is holding her skirt with her hands up.

Pop Queen Madonna Pubicly Did Such An 'Act'

Madonna posted several photos on Instagram with the caption 'Exhibitionist in Arch'. In one of the photos, she is seen wearing a botanical print dress, and her hair is falling on the other side, covering one yes. In another picture, she is seen wearing a white dress and red gloves. In this photo, she has lifted her skirt with her hands and her undergarment is visible.

5 Thousand Crore rupees, madonna's Name Is Recorded In The Guinness Book

World-famous American singer Madonna has been described by Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra as her idol. Significantly, Priyanka is making a career in International Singing. According to Priyanka, she is a fan of Madonna since Childhood. On this Pretext, let us know why Madonna is so special to Priyanka or many budding singers. Few people would know that Madonna is at the forefront of singer earing from her music shows. He has earned billions of rupees in ten years. That is why she is also called 'Queen of pop'.

Forbes Magazine Named Madonna The Highest-Paid Musician

Madonna's show has seen a craze among people all over the world. Dance music, lighting, costume, and stage are all attractive in this show. So far, more than 63 lakh people have attended her show. Her name is recorded in Guinness World Records as ' Best Selling Female Artist'. According to a website, he has earned about $800 million (about five thousand crore rupees) in the last decade by doing more than 250 shows in different cities of the world. In Novenber2013, Forbes magazine also named Madonna as the highest-paid musician in its. She charges an average of 20 crore rupees for a show.

Thanks For Distracting Me

In the picture, the American pop star is sitting with her legs crossed, which is being called the hottest. Seeing these killer pictures of their star, the senses of the fans are blown away. One user wrote,'Madonna knows how to use her legs. At the same time, another has written, 'Thank you for distracting my attention from studies'.

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