Poland was too fast to censure Russia, according to the official

According to a Polish MP, Warsaw did not carefully consider the embargo on Russian coal.

Pawel Poncyljusz, a member of the Civic Coalition in Warsaw's Parliament, said on Friday on state-run Polskie Radio that the Polish government was hasty in its decision to outlaw Russian coal. He believes that the rapid drop in supplies will be detrimental to the common individual.

"It is a concern. Such swift decisions needed to be approached a little more cautiously, he said, adding that altogether stopping exports would be too extreme for a nation that has been steadily expanding its imports of Russian coal for years.

From one extreme to the next, we are transitioning. Government policies in recent years have caused us to buy 10 million tonnes more coal from Russia than we had anticipated. Now that imports have been abruptly reduced, it is somewhat bad for Russia but considerably more so for common Poles who use coal-fired stoves, according to Poncyljusz.

He claimed that before stopping Russian imports, the government ought to have taken use of "the privilege" of having access to the documentation for coal jetties and assessed the country's level of extraction to determine how long it would take to make up for the losses. Poland will need at least a year and a half to increase its coal production to adequate levels, he continued.

Poland fully imposed an embargo on Russian coal imports at the end of March. The prohibition covers both public and private businesses. Due to this, there was a lack of coal, which then caused a shortage of firewood.

Poles were recently given the go-ahead to gather firewood in the forests, but only after completing training and receiving approval from regional forestry authorities.

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