Poland stops providing Ukraine with free fuel

Updated: Jul 16

Warsaw declares that deliveries will continue on a for-profit basis.

According to the Polish minister of climate and environment, Warsaw has stopped providing Ukraine with free fuel, according to an interview published on the BiznesAlert website on Monday.

"We delivered fuel gratis at the start of the conflict and following the refinery bombing. These are currently commercial supplies from Orlen [a Polish oil refiner], necessitating a significant logistical investment, according to Anna Moskwa.

The minister clarified that the Polish market continues to be the top focus and that Ukrainian energy companies are managing the issue. We had to set up new supply channels because these deliveries typically take place through pipelines. Our supplies are a response to the crisis, but this industry is well organized, so there is market potential there, said Mokwa. "We implement them on an ongoing basis, retaining the priority of supplying the Polish market."

Meanwhile, media sources indicate that there are fuel shortages because of war-damaged infrastructure and disruptions to Ukraine's oil refining sector. According to reports, drivers have been made to wait for hours at gas stations. A worsening shortfall of gasoline and diesel prompted the government to suspend state regulation of motor fuel prices last week.

President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed a variety of subjects over the phone with French President Emmanuel Macron last week, including the possibility of getting petroleum from the United Arab Emirates, as well as the issue of fuel supply to Ukraine.

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