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Philippines To Buy Brahmos Missile From India, A Deal Worth $ 374.3 Million

This is the first foreign order for the Brahmo missile. Interestingly, the Philippines is an ally of the US, but for military readiness against China, it has expressed confidence in the Brahmos missile jointly made by India-Russia.

India has entered into a contract with Brahmos Aerospace PVT Ltd.

The government, plan to increase defense exports has been a big success. The Philippines has entered into a contract with the Indian Brahmos Aerospace PVT Ltd. According to this, the Philippines has accepted the offer of about 375 million (RS2 thousand 780 crores) of Indian Brahmos Aerospace Private Limited. Under this, will supply coast-based anti-ship missile system systems to the Philippines Navy.

Features of Brahmos Missile

The Brahmos missile launched from the warship can carry a 200 kg warhead. This missile can achieve a maximum speed of up to Mach 3.5 Which is the speed of 4321 kilometers per hour. It has a two-stage propulsion system. First solid and second liquid. The second stage is the ramjet engine. Which gives it supersonic speed. speed. Also reduces fuel consumption.

The flight takes off three times faster than the speed of sound

This cruise missile flies at a speed almost three times faster than the speed of sound. This variant can cover a distance of about 290 km. In the past few days, the Philippines has made several defines deals to modernize its armed forces. Earlier, Deputy Chief of the Russian Mission Roman Babushkin had said that India and Russia are planning to export Brahmos missiles to the Philippines and several other countries.

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