Outside of schools in Lucknow, there are no ice cream or fast food carts.

The rules state that no store or cart would be permitted to operate near schools selling ice cream, chaat, balloons, or other things that cause traffic bottlenecks after school hours.

Outside of schools, the Lucknow administration has outright outlawed food and ice cream trucks. This was done to avoid traffic bottlenecks, and the directive will be followed starting on Wednesday. The district administration and city traffic police discussed how to avoid traffic around schools during peak hours, and after that, the nodal officials of various schools published certain rules.

The rules state that no shop or cart would be permitted to be present near schools after school hours selling ice cream, chaat, balloons, and other products that cause traffic bottlenecks. Instead of wandering the streets after leaving school, pupils must immediately sit inside their school bus or taxi.

Parents who pick up their children from school before it closes must park their cars one kilometre away from the building.

They must depart the area as soon as the school day is complete so that traffic can flow freely once they have driven to the school gate and quickly picked up their children. There will be no parking allowed on the main road that connects the schools. During parent-teacher conferences, schools are required to inform parents of the rules.

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