On the sets of "Dhoke Pyaar Ke," Khushalii Kumar hurts herself.

Khushi Kumar, who will appear in the newest music video for the song "Dhoke Pyaar Ke," recently suffered an injury while filming the song.

The actress decided to continue filming despite suffering a serious injury while jet skiing, something she had learned to do for the track.

Khushi states in response to getting hurt while jet skiing: "I recommended to the director that I wanted to do the jet skiing sequence personally to bring authenticity."

She continues, "While filming for it, I fell off the jet ski, but when I see the result, it all seems worth it."

Khushi Kumar, Ethan Bhat, and Vardhan Puri play the lead roles in "Dhoke Pyaar Ke."

The song "Dhoke Pyaar Ke," featuring B. Praak on vocals, Rochak Kohli on music, and Rashmi Virag on lyrics, is available on YouTube.

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