ODIs won't be eliminated anytime soon.

Updated: Aug 1

The governing body rules out any significant decrease in ODI matches after working tirelessly to produce an ICC event calendar that runs throughout the entire year.

According to BCCI, they will remain committed to ODI bilateral cricket as long as the ODI world tournaments remain. (Twitter, ICC)

Players are left to choose between their club and their country because the International Cricket Council (ICC), which continues to be the sport's governing body, seems to be more of a spectator than a referee in the ongoing struggle between member boards for a larger share of the dates on the cricket calendar.

one of the greatest in England Ben Stokes has quit ODI cricket because he believes the sport's present three-format structure is "unsustainable." Cricket To secure a cleaner window for its future T20 league, South Africa has taken the chance of being eliminated from the 2023 World Cup. Cricketers all over the world are becoming independent contractors, with their local boards (Cricket Australia) enticing them to give their home competitions priority. After its annual meeting in Birmingham, the ICC acknowledged all of cricket's present issues but claimed there was little they could do.

With the ICC events, bilateral matches, and the rise of T20 leagues, more cricket is being played. I'm not certain if we have reached a turning point. "The members should figure out the best solution, not so much for our organization," ICC Chairman Greg Barclay told reporters. They also need to consider the fact that the players themselves won't be able to play as much cricket as is required of them.

The member boards work with their business partners to develop their strategies. India thus extends its IPL window even as anticipation builds for the January matchup between CA's Big Bash and the next T20 leagues in South Africa and the UAE.

Even if it is obvious as day that club cricket will determine player availability in the future, the current cricket structure won't change when the upcoming touring schedule (2023-27) is revealed. "Countries still have a healthy number of ODIs scheduled for their FTP. I don’t think you will see any significant change,” said ICC CEO Geoff Allardice.

The Indian cricket governing body, BCCI, which is frequently painted as the showpiece's villains, asserts that as long as the ODI international events continue, they would remain committed to ODI bilateral cricket.

The ICC has advocated for an annual global event. In four years, there are two 50-over competitions: the Champions Trophy and ODI World Cup. On the condition of anonymity, a BCCI executive said, "We have to use bilateral matches to get our players ready for major events.

In the previous four-year cycle, India participated in 103 bilateral games, including 37 ODIs. In the upcoming years, no significant changes are anticipated. T20 Internationals will be played the most, featuring numerous 5-match series, with a T20 World Cup held every two years.

However, Test cricket continues to enjoy equal popularity in both England and Australia. The Indian board has agreed to play a 5-Test home-and-away series against both nations in a mutually beneficial exchange. The Ashes and these series will currently make up the bulk of the Test schedule. A recent US$250 million deal between CA and Disney Star will allow it to broadcast India's cricket tours of Australia to the Indian market. There are no other candidates to host the World Test Championship final, therefore Lord's of the ECB will do so in 2023 and 25.

Up until daring individuals like Stokes make a decision, nothing is known about what the players want. Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, has discussed bringing back tri-series cricket. "I grew up watching quadrangular and triangular shows as a child. These (bilaterals) are all high-pressure games, and you don't want to compromise on intensity, so that could be a path ahead, he said. “When we play bilateral series, the timings between matches can be managed better not just from India’s perspective but all boards. If that happens you will have the best players representing every game.”

The Indian board and the ICC do not think or act in that manner. Given the limitations of the calendar, tri-series are now difficult to organize in terms of gathering a lot of nations in one location at the same time, according to Allardice. Additionally, he all but eliminated the prospect of quadrangular cricket. The Pakistan Cricket Board was promoting it.

Barclay is prepared to remain as Chairman.

November is the scheduled month for the ICC Chairman election. Barclay stated that he would be open to running for another term. If the board decides to re-elect him, he declared, "I am qualified for another term and yes, I am available for another 2-year term."

The next action by BCCI is being closely scrutinized. The Supreme Court's decision regarding their appeal seeking changes to the BCCI constitution will determine whether or not President Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Jay Shah remain office bearers.

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