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Nuclear Plant By Russian Army

There was an accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear plant during a safety test in a steam turbine. The Russian military occupation of the Chernobyl nuclear plant is considered dangerous.

Russian occupation

Russian military captured Chernobyl nuclear plant on Thursday. In 1986, a terrible accident occurred due to the Chernobyl nuclear plant nuclear leak. Now it is a storage center for nuclear waste. Tons of nuclear fuel are kept here.

Ukraine could not stop the Russian army

The prime Minister of Ukraine that the Russian army has captured the Chernobyl nuclear plant and its surrounding exclusion zone.

Russia destroys 83 military bases in Ukraine

Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday. Russian army claims that it destroys 83 military bases in Ukraine. These also include 11 airbases. The Russian army called the first day attack a success.

How did the accident happen in the nuclear plant?

It is worth noting that an accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant took place during the safety test in the steam turbine of the nuclear reactor. Due to the negligence of the operator, the reactor started to explode. After this scene, the scene had turned into devastation. Thousands of people lost their lives in this accident.

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