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Nicolas Cage Called His Fifth Wife The Perfect Partner

Rico Shibata is the fifth wife of 58-year-old Nicolas Cage. On 16 February 2021, both of them married each other in a very private way.

Hollywood famous actor Nicolas Cage is in the headlines for his wife.

Hollywood famous Nicolas Cage is enjoying his married life a lot these days. He did his fifth marriage last year. Nicholas is one of the few actors who gave place to so many women in his life. His marriages failed every time for one reason or the other, but after marrying his fifth wife, Riko Shibata, he is feeling very different and special. He talked openly about his current wife and said that this time I have found the perfect partner.

Marriage in Japanese and American Culture

Both were married by mixing American and Japanese cultures. Since Riko is from Japan, she wore a traditional dress kimono to her wedding. While the groom Nicholas was wearing a Tom Fredo tuxedo.

Look like this

In a photo from the ceremony. Rico kept her dark hair open with a kimono. She completed her look with bright red lipstick. The bouquet in her hand was tied with a bright yellow ribbon while holding golden eyeshadow in her eyes. On the other hand, Nick wore a matching yellow rose on the lapel of his tuxedo and jacket.

The actor's last four marriages were unsuccessful.

According to people, 27- year - old Shibata is Nicolas cage's fifth wife. On 16 February 2o21, both of them married each other in a very private way. The 58-year-old actor married Patricia

Arquette on April 1995. After that, both got divorced in 2001. Then in August 2002, he married Lisa Marie and filed for divorce after three months. After a divorce in 2004, he married Alice Kim for the third time and divorced her in 2016. Married Erica Koike in 2019 and divorced her in June 2019.

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