Net Profit Jumps 164 Percent YoY To Rs 2,008 Crore In Airtel Q4 Results; Dividend Announced

Bharti Airtel, a significant player in the telecom industry, recorded a gain in net profit of 164.46 percent over the same period last year to Rs 2,007.8 billion, up from Rs 759.2 billion. The company's operating revenue for the period of January through March 2022 increased by 22% to Rs 31,500.3 crore from Rs 25,747.3 crore the previous year.

A dividend of Rs 3 per equity share has also been declared by the company's board of directors for 2021–2022. The company stated in a BSE filing on Tuesday that the board of directors had recommended a dividend of Rs 3 per fully paid-up equity share with a face value of Rs 5 each and Rs 0.75 per partly paid-up equity share with a face value of Rs 5 each (paid-up Rs 1.25 per equity share) for the financial year 2021–22.

The dividend, which has a face value of Rs. 5 per equity share and is subject to shareholder approval, is also stated in the statement.

During the three months ending in March 2022, the company's Ebitda (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) increased by 27.1% year over year to Rs 15,998 crore. During the quarter under review, its Ebitda margin increased by 192 basis points year over year to reach 50.8 percent.

The company's revenue for the quarter ending in March 2022 increased by 23% to Rs 22,500 crore for the India business. According to a statement from the firm, "Mobile revenues climbed 25.1% year over year on account of an increase in ARPU led by solid flow through of tariff change and significant 4G user additions during the year."

The average revenue per user (ARPU) for the mobile sector increased from Rs 145 in the year-ago fourth quarter to Rs 178.

"As of March 31, 2022, the net debt-Ebitda ratio (annualized) and incorporating the impact of leases is at 2.51 times, down from 2.95 times as of March 31, 2021. We made an additional payment of Rs 8,815 crore to partially prepay deferred liabilities for spectrum purchased in 2015, according to the business.

In the past year, Airtel has added 21.5 million new 4G users to its network, a 12% year-over-year gain. "We continue to grow our market share of 4G subscribers, surpassing the 200 million mark before the end of Q422," "It read.

"This has been another quarter to crown a full year of steady and competitive performance across our portfolio," stated Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO (India and South Asia) of Bharti Airtel. Our consolidated sales for the quarter increased by 5.5%, while our Ebitda margins increased to 50.8%, demonstrating our commitment to the overall delivery."

As the company experienced the full flow-through of the tariff hike, he continued, revenues from the mobile business increased by 9.5%. The greatest average revenue per user (ARPU), now at Rs. 178, belongs to Airtel.

"Our residential and enterprise business is still experiencing rapid growth, which reflects the durability of our entire portfolio. We have been able to further settle some of our spectrum commitments ahead of schedule thanks to our solid balance sheet and cash flows, Vittal continued.

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