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Navdeep Kaur Of India Won The Title OF Best Costume

Mrs. India World was organized in Las Vegas. The winner of this competition was Shilin Ford of America. Navdeep Kaur, representing India, has made it to the top 15. Along with this, Navdeep Kaur has won the Best National costume Award.

Navdeep Kaur won the title of Best National Costume by wearing kundalini chakra

Just a few days had passed when India Hamaaz Sandhu hoisted the country flag on the international stage by winning the title of miss universe 2021. Now Mrs world 2022 has been announced. America Shelin ford has won the title of Mrs. World 2022. But in this competition, Navdeep Kaur of India also gave a tough competition. She made it to the top 15 and won the title of Best National Costume. This victory of Navdeep Kaur is a big achievement for her and for India. Let us, Les, know who is Navdeep and which of his costumes are being discussed so much.

Navdeep Kaur wore a kundalini dress

Let me first tell you something special about this dress of Navdeep Kaur. This golden-colored costume was quite unique to see. Which was giving Navdeep the look of a serpent. First, let start with the head. Navdeep Kaur wore a big cap whose design was very different. the figures of snakes were made on both shoulders. There were 6 big teeth on the forehead. A stick in his hand his high heels and golden boots were grabbing everyone's attention. This dress of Navdeep Kaur is being named kundalini. Inspired by Kundalini Chakra.

Life Before participating in a Beauty Contest

Navdeep Kaur is not only beautiful but also very intelligent. He has studied Computer Science Engineering. Apart from this Navdeep has also obtained a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). Before becoming Mrs. India, Navdeep worked in the bank as an assistant manager and then as an assistant professor.

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